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How to use the forum

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:14 pm

Hi everyone,
Thanks for registering on the BT MA University forum. Here you can post lecture notes, questions you have regarding university and anything else you feel may help someone with our university course.
Below are some instructions on how to use the forum correctly:

On the homepage there are different headings. e.g. this one was called 'welcome'
If you click that link you are faced with 2 options; you can add a new topic or view a current topic in that forum.

If you want to add lecture notes then press 'new topic' and paste them into the message box. Add a tittle that relates to the lecture notes. E.g. Week 4 notes - platforms
Alternatively you can press the 'insert image' button above the message box and insert a photocopy of your lecture notes.

Useful Links
one of the forums is called 'useful links'
If you find a website that has helped you with your research then please add the link in a message under this forum.

Another of the forums is called 'Questions'
Please put any questions you have in this section, alternatively you can paste a comment on some of the lecture notes.
If you see a question and know the answer then please comment back.

These instructions should be enough to start up the forum and get us going. If you don't understand this post and need more help then try commenting below!

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